Tuesday, 1 March 2016

March Update (Blue Hair!)

This past week has been really busy for me, my hunt for the elusive job is proving difficult. I'm in the awkward position where I'm not quite a student at the moment, so I'm not allowed to apply for the usual internships, and I have to explain what 'suspended for health reasons' means. Not so much fun. Still, I've made some new connections and have gotten pretty good at eating on a tight budget.

I don't have anything much to share today, unfortunately. I'm partway through writing a nice beefy piece on charity shops so you can have that on Friday. Also coming is a Sunday bonus post about the Mother's Day card I made.

I did dye the underside of my hair blue, however, so here's a photo of that! (Using Directions neon blue on bleached hair.) Priorities...

Directions neon blue hair dye underside on bleached hair
So bright, so blue. I'm wearing my -10°C thermals because my radiator is broken (again.)

Hair does not like the colour blue. It runs so much more than anything else, so for a while I've got to be careful not to stain the bathroom when I shower. My parents are very against hair dye, piercings, and tattoos. They were adamant that I couldn't even have my ears pierced while I was under their roof, which I never made much of a fuss over. This is my small rebellion, and the double takes are pretty fun- "Hang on, are bits of your hair blue?"- because it's actually pretty subtle when it's all hidden by my natural hair. I don't think I'll ever dye it all because redoing the roots every six weeks isn't something that I want to commit to.

Don't tell my mother that I bleached my hair, okay? If she asks it's "non-permanent."
See you for a more substantial post on Friday,

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