Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Prettifying Storage Drawers

It's probably been almost a year since I actually completed this DIY, since it was back in March that I did my coat hooks. I came across the photos in my "miscellaneous crafting" folder and the sooner I get the writing down the better.

So here we have: a handy little set of pretty wooden storage drawers.

The original was something I got for my birthday. I was after one of those colourful plastic ones for all sorts of bits and bobs, but I thought this shouldn't be too hard to spruce up.

1. First paint about the outer edges of each box and down the sides too if you're a perfectionist. I just used acrylic since it won't be getting much wear and tear.

2. Next unscrew the tiny handles on the front and set them aside.

3. Glue some nice paper on the front of each box, making sure each square is the same size. I used origami paper, but anything will do. Use a screw to poke through the paper where the original holes were before the glue dries.

4. When it's dry, screw the little handles back on.

Et voila! One prettified storage box!

What do I keep in mine?
  • Dinosaurs (occasionally)
  • Hair bands
  • Hair clips/bobby pins
  • Buttons
  • Those bits of ribbon that I guess are for hanging clothes but you always cut them off anyway
  • Sequins that fell off a top
  • Used stamps
  • Paper clips
  • Washi tape
So there we have it! I think I've run out of things to cover in paper now but I'll see what I can do.

Limpet x

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