Thursday, 19 October 2017

Things I Want to Change About Myself

The 'S.S. Kate', because one of my pen friends is adorable.

This is a list! A short list of things I want to change about myself:

Get off antidepressants
-it's time and I think I'm ready. If you guys want to hear more then let me know and I'll be open about everything.
Be able to code for simple physics
-it would make my job so much easier if I knew what physics would do before it did it!

Cut my hair short?
-I've been almost sitting on it for years now and fancy a bit of a change
Have a six-pack (of abs, not beer!)
-I know it's there, just need to go the final push and lose the last centimeter
Give blood whenever I can
-this was important to me, but I keep making excuses
Get a tattoo
-it's my body and I want to make a mark on it
Stretch my ear lobes
-being brave and looking a little different
More piercings
-as above

There are many more 'physical' than 'mental' items which I know may seem shallow. But on the whole I'm happy with myself and doing well in the great ol' journey of life. I feel like it's just time to make my mental self image line up more with what the rest of the world sees. I couldn't tell you exactly what that is, but it involves not being a little girl any more. All a part of growing up I suppose.

Limpet x

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