Saturday, 9 July 2016

Bad-Mannered Bookmarks

Everyone has those days, or those people, that just ruin your mood.

You may be familiar with Julie Jackson's subversive cross stitch, one of the first to lead cross-stitch astray by making it rude and snarky. It's an amazing form of art therapy and so I decided to make a bookmark of my own.

Bookmark with the words 'Fuck off, please.' cross-stitched in green.
I sealed the edges with fire!

Stitching words takes so much longer than it takes to say them that in my mind, it transformed the venom into something more jovial. Now it's just a cheeky bookmark and a reminder that often it doesn't really matter if someone's trying to mess up your day, as long as you care enough about yourself to dismiss them.

Bad manners and bookmarks,

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