Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Eggy Bread & Cards for Grannies

Crack an egg on a plate, scraggle it with a fork, soak it all up with some bread, season, and then fry it. You now have eggy bread, one of the best dishes ever invented (in my humble opinion.) I treated myself this morning by topping it with honey and blueberries, and what a glorious morning it was.

And now onto the card of the week:

Hilda is a tiny, softly-spoken, lovely old lady that we took out for a birthday lunch at the weekend. She's not technically my grandma, but she's like one. She's rather old-fashioned and always wears purple so this is a card for her birthday that reflects that. The flowers were cut out of a ragged Reader's Digest guide and the lettering is outlined in purple Sharpie. The trim is decorative sticky lace tape that can be found for pennies on eBay.

I don't know about you, but when I go into a shop to buy a card I end up staring at the selection for ages. The cards are either too clich├ęd or too pink or trying too hard to be funny. Don't get me started on finding cards for men either. I love giving home-made cards to people. They really don't take much time to make and make the other person feel that much more special, and save money too! 

Blueberries and birthdays,

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