Saturday, 6 February 2016

New Stamps!

eBay is the best. I picked up this set of alphabet stamps in a little wooden box for a mere £4.39, and I am going to use them for everything. They'll give my cards a slightly more professional touch and I have to say they're pretty fun to use. I also picked up a cutting mat and a craft knife so I can be a lot more precise when creating stuff to use on cards.

Set of stamps in a wooden box and pigment inks.

One thing I noticed when using the stamps is that it was very easy to get ink on the edges of the rubber pads and for that to touch the paper. You can see what I mean from the photo below on the left of the paper. Unless you're careful when dabbing the stamps on the pad you end up with an ugly ink outline on each letter. To stop this happening I used the craft knife to carefully slice off the edges of each stamp. This fixed the problem and meant I didn't have to worry too much about how hard I was pressing down when stamping.

Close-up of letter 'A' with stamping examples.

I've got a few uses for these new stamps coming up, including a Valentine's day card that I can show you next week.

Happy stamping!

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