Friday, 6 May 2016

Prettifying Coat Hooks

New house= lots of space for home improvement!

Coat hooks are something you don't need to spend much money on. Get the cheapest ones you can find and decorate them with wrapping paper instead! Or varnish them or paint them. If they're going outside you'll need weather-proof varnish but these are on the back of the bedroom door so PVA glue will do.

DIY wrapping paper coat hooks

What you will need:
- Coat hooks (in my case, 50p each from the hardware store)
- Some paper that you like. Wrapping paper is just right, anything thicker might be tricky.
- PVA glue 
- Mug to mix glue with water
- Paintbrush (in my case, some fabric tied to a pen with a hairband)
- Screwdriver for removing hooks from the wooden base

DIY wrapping paper coat hooks

1. Remove hooks from the wooden base.

2. Cover front of base with a 50/50 mix of PVA glue and water, then stick to a piece of wrapping paper. Press hard and weigh down with something for at least a few minutes.

3. Turn right side up, cover the front with another layer of glue and then screw the hooks back in. (You could put the hooks back at the end but I'll be using them to stop the glue getting on the carpet. Hint: use tissue or something underneath.)

4. Snip out corners of the wrapping paper to make flaps that can be glued round the back of the wood base. These can always be trimmed later: it's better to make them too big than too small.

5. Turn the whole thing over (standing it up on the hooks in my case) and glue the flaps down. You may need to smooth the paper into the edges if they're not at right angles like in this case.

6. Liberally coat the back and sides with more glue and stick down the remaining flaps. It really doesn't matter that the back isn't neat because it'll be facing the door.

7. Stab through the screw holes at the front while the glue is still tacky and then leave to dry, giving more coats of glue for a shinier finish if desired.

DIY wrapping paper coat hooks

Voila; two funky-patterned coat hooks! I hope I can find something else in the bedroom to coat in this wrapping paper too.

New hooks for new houses,

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