Friday, 23 September 2016

Adventures into the Wild

On Sunday, I'm going fossil hunting on the Isle of Wight! I couldn't be more excited and I've been planning it. Booking the ferry, finding out what else there is to do, etc. (like going to a monkey sanctuary.)

Something any self-respecting nature lover must have: a decent pair of walking boots. I left mine in Kent (whoops) and they had holes in anyway so I went to get some today and they ended up being an amazing bargain.

£10, £10!

I have funny shaped feet and that usually makes buying shoes difficult. My toes are too long and my heel has a bony lump that sticks out at the back. However, I got to this place and found a pair that fits me just perfectly. So I got some big stompy waterproof boots for hunting dinosaurs at the beach in, for £10 when they should have been £80.

Expect a monstrous post after Sunday, with lots of photos. Hopefully I'll find some really interesting things to show all of you!

Limpet x

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